What It Takes to Install an Upgraded Power Stroke ECU Program

Ford's Power Stroke engine is almost universally admired for what it offers in its stock state, and that is only part of its overall appeal. Another feature of the Power Stroke that creates fans and engenders loyalty is how easily it can be tuned, tweaked, and upgraded.

The various sct tuner 6.0 powerstroke upgrades, for example, can enhance Power Stroke performance significantly and to whichever degree might make the most sense for a particular truck owner. Suppliers like Strictly Diesel make it easy to obtain everything needed to take advantage of such opportunities.

A Simple Way to Extract More Potential from Any Power Stroke Engine
Simply acquiring a few Strictly Diesel sct tuner parts, in fact, is normally all that will be required to upgrade a Power Stroke engine significantly. In most cases, the following will be needed:

A flash programmer. Every Power Stroke engine control unit, or ECU, executes a program that is stored on piece of flash-based memory. The program installed b…